Cre8 Solutions Group
was formed in 2012 to address a prevalent need in organizations and communities ... the need for a healthy culture.

Cre8 Solutions Group, LLC is named with a purpose in mind. Creativity is a unique human trait that should be highly valued. There are incredible results when creativity is given a path. Too often individuals and organizations find themselves paralyzed​ by the challenges in front of them. Successful leadership and teams postion themselves to create a path to success instead of waiting for obstacles to go away. Collaboration is incredibly valuable and as a group we value the contributions of all involved.

Cre8 Solutions Group, LLC exists to develop healthy companies by unlocking potential in individuals, systems and organizations by quipping to refine goals, clarify objectives and optimize strengths.​​
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Phone: 414.301.Cre8 (2738)
Motivational Speaking - Professional Coaching
Core Values Training​
Cre8 Solutions Group, LLC is a coaching and consulting service committed to the health and effectiveness of organizations of all sizes and the individuals who work within them. We offer Motivational Speaking, Core Values Development, and Customized Coaching Strategies to partner with leaders who strive for long-term organizational health and success.
Greg Lathe formed Cre8 Solutions Group, LLC in 2012. Leadership Development has been his passion throughout his career. Starting out as a school teacher he realized the power of focusing on unlocking creative potential in students and received "Teacher of the Year" for the school District of Cudahy, Wisconsin in 1999. His passion for investing in leaders was put into practice as full time Music and Media Director for Oak Creek Wisconsin Assembly of God for the next 13 years as the organization experienced tremendous growth. During this time he worked with leadership to develop their Core Values and establish training and curriculum for all ages. His energetic style and effective use of humor engage crowds of all sizes. Seeing the widespread need organizations have in the areas of interpersonal communication, conflict management, and core development, Greg formed Cre8 Solutions Group, LLC.
​​​Our Work

We believe every business and organizations is a unique as the individuals who lead and work within them.​​​​ With that in mind we  look at each clients specific needs and craft presentations and services. We avoid "cookie-cutter" gimmicks and presentations that sound great but have little long-term impact.
Motivational Speaking
  • ​​Creative presentations designed to motivate​ leaders and teams in a specific area of need​ 
  • Large company gatherings​
  • Staff meetings
  • Retreats
  • Rotary and Chamber of Commerce Groups​​
Professional Coaching Services
  • Partnering with leaders to get to the heart of the need of their organization​​
  • Developing customized training for managers
  • Training plans for employees in the area of Customer Service
  • Assessing and developing the Communications culture within the organizations.
  • One on One 360 degree evaluations for leaders and staff​​​​
Core Value Development
  • Work with leaders to develop and communicate the heart and purpose of the organizations​​
  • Creatively package Core Value presentations
  • Develop training plans to infuse core values through every level of the organizations.​​
Conflict Management
  • Partnering with leaders to develop a healthy work environment​
  • Provide training in working with people of all personality types
  • Maximizing growth potential through dealing with conflict in a healthy manner​​
Creative Resourcing
  • Meet with and help leaders address challenges creatively
  • Develop a process for unlocking the creativity within the organization
  • Be a liaison to specialized services, speakers, consultants and groups​​
​Greg Lathe 414.301.Cre8 (2738)