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Phone: 414.301.Cre8 (2738)
Greg Lathe 414.301.Cre8 (2738)

Motivational Speaking - Professional Coaching
Core Values Training​
Motivational Speaking
-  Breath life into your team with a fresh creative presentation outlining your goals and company objectives
​-  Relevant, Practical and Beneficial Content for your team​
-  ​Presented in a fresh, memorable context to meet your needs​
-  Strategically paced to keep your team engaged
-  Well prepared and Delivered with Excellence​​

Professional Coaching
-  Excellence in Customer service
-  Principles of Healthy Relational Skills​
-  Conflict Management strategies in everyday life​
-  Working Successfully with all personality types ​
Customized Training Packages
-  Full staff Training
-  Small Group Staff Meetings
-  Management Skill Development
-  One on One Leadership Coaching
-  Strategic PlanningSession​​​
Core Values Training
-  Creatively Communicate Established Core Values
-  Work with leadership to define or refine Core Values
-  Increase loyalty and excellence with ownership of Core Values​​